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The Brief

We were asked to develop a structured process to understand the retail offer delivery, price positioning and overall assessment of a number of competitors to the Fuller’s managed sites.

What We Did

We created a list of c. 18 target sites that covered all the main competitor brands and key individual sites that were

perceived to be trading successfully.  We also added 2 Fuller’s sites as a benchmark.


We visited the sites each quarter over the course of a year and collected pricing data and recorded the whole customer experience (with covert photos and video) along with all relevant marketing materials and menus etc.  On each set of visits we focussed on a particular area of interest – Sunday Lunch, burger delivery etc and presented back an assessment of what was working well and where Fuller’s could gain an advantage.

The Outcome

The findings were presented to Senior Managers and allowed a more informed decision on a strategic approach to pricing and product development along with a more effective holistic approach to their Christmas offer / marketing (having seen all the collected marketing approaches from the benchmark sites).

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