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In an increasingly competitive market many customers will base their purchasing decisions on their overall experience rather than simply price.  


Today's retailers need to be aware that slashing prices and putting on offers may not be enough and need to add value through a phenomenally focused and well delivered customer experience.  

First we 'sense check' the customer journey and then plan the best approach to deliver an outstanding experience. This approach provides another angle by taking a fresh look through the eyes of your customers before creating a set of targeted actions to improve and enhance the whole experience.

We will visit your sites and record all the elements that make up your customers' experiences and as we only use visitors who have first hand knowledge of the hospitality business, we will observe and report on the myriad of small details that other less focused "mystery shopper" approaches may miss. 


We collect observations on the subtle details too, from the environment factors (like music, light levels etc) and collect evidence of the customer communication from menus to promotions.

We cover all types of outlet from hotels to branded restaurants and individual sites and use photos and covert video, where requested, to bring any observation visit to life and give you a glimpse of what  customers see and experience.


The 'Right' Product Range
We recognise the importance of developing the “right” range of products and facilities carefully aimed at your target consumer.  We develop well targeted product ranges in food, drink and facilities whilst maximising margin.


-  Detailed dish specifications

-  Portion control procedures

-  Targeted product offering to week/day parts

-  Staff sales training

-  Sales mix and pricing analysis

-  Interface with key suppliers

-  Review and develop other income streams

Distinctive Service

Distinctive service is most valued by the consumer and is often the area where businesses fail to deliver.  When it’s done well it provides a real competitive edge.  We can help with a number of initiatives:


-  Full Training programmes

-  Selling techniques

-  Management coaching for individuals and teams

-  Service focused ‘customer journey’ visit – seeing the business from the eyes of a customer

-  Customer retention / incentive programmes

Think Of The Environment

Consumers often quote ‘Atmosphere’ as an important factor in their choice of venue.  The individual components of environment and how they vary by week and day parts is crucial.  We can help by:


-  Providing advice on music profiling

-  Lighting and Interior design solutions

-  Making the most of screens and sports viewing

-  Liaising with external designers

Customer Focus  |  St Austell

The managed house division of St Austell required a fresh approach to the customer service processes and standards to improve the customer experience and set benchmarks against which the service teams could be measured.

Customer Focus  |  Ei Publican Partnerships

We were asked to develop a more focused approach to the recruitment of potential publicans thereby reducing costs and improving the efficiency of the recruitment team by matching applicants to the ‘right’ pub much earlier in the process.

Customer Focus  |  Wyvale Garden Centres

Wyvale Garden centres were keen to understand the in store customer experience over the Christmas period.  They wanted to assess the level on Christmas impact on each stage of the customer journey from arrival to exit and  benchmark their own retail offers against a number of key competitors.  We were asked to covertly film each experience from the eyes of a customer and feedback our findings.

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