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We have a vast amount of experience in developing strong, consumer focused retail brands, businesses and concepts.  We can help to define your retail offer by highlighting key strengths and working these into a clear vision that meets customers’ needs.

This could be for existing businesses or for a new concept in an identified market gap. The key objectives are to develop a strong, attractive and distinctive personality for your business or product giving a genuine competitive advantage.

Any retail product, business or concept needs to have been well thought through, keeping the end consumer firmly in mind.  This often means that a robust concept is made up of a myriad of tiny details. 

 We can develop, manage and coordinate all of this detail including:

-  Consumer research

-  Competitor research

-  Front line employee input and feedback 

-  Demographic analysis

-  Complete concept development including operational guidelines

-  Brand identity and design including graphic design      and tone of voice

-  Packaging design

-  Launch and promotional plans

-  Brand Development workshops

Retail Concepts  |  Stonegate  |  Common Room

Following our initial evaluation of the student / young adult market (see BUSINESS INSIGHT example) we were asked to develop a detailed and compelling retail concept aimed which could be rolled out into a number of Scream student sites (and others).

Retail Concepts  |  Stonegate  |  Yates

We were specifically asked to develop a fresh approach which would spread the appeal across more day parts, increase food share and reduce discounting / deal culture in the business.

Retail Concepts  |  Greene King  |  Premium Local

We were asked to create a unique retail proposition that covered all aspects of the customer experience and subsequently to create a retail model which be easy to use and easy to update.

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