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The Brief

Following a major project to create a framework for segmenting their entire pub estate using a variety of demographic and other inputs, we were asked to create an engaging series of resources to ‘bring segmentation to life’ and to engage with the wider management team

What We Did

We created a set of detailed briefing / resource booklets (in pdf and hard copy where appropriate) which summarised each segment in detail. We focused on the targeted end customer and broke down their expectations and ideal experiences.  In addition to key data and descriptions, we extensively used images to illustrate the key elements of every element of the customer experience in all segments.


In addition, we created a short video to give an overview of the segmentation process and show how this could be used at site level.


We worked with the internal team to brief in the principles and best practises, engaging with front line regional managers and Head office teams in a series of briefing meetings at which they received their segmentation resource materials.

The Outcome

Whilst the business uses the segmentation process to identify the best / most profitable solutions for individual sites, the tools we created are used at site level meetings to help publicans to make the best of their businesses, to recruit the best fit licensees and to incrementally moved businesses to their optimal segment through investment or through a number of small but significant changes to the customer offer.

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