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The Brief

We were briefed to examine the current Yates’s offer as it was felt that the brand was increasingly reliant on a small number of sessions (some of which were being driven by deep drinks discounting).  There was a heavy reliance on weekend late night sessions which were being further compromised by the movement to pre-loading at home.


We were specifically asked to develop a fresh approach which would spread the appeal across more day parts, increase food share and reduce discounting / deal culture in the business.

What We Did

We worked with internal teams and external designers / agencies and suppliers to create briefs on al the elements of the retail offer.  This included working up detailed briefs on food and drinks (content, menu designs and commercials), service plans and training and design / facilities.


The drinks list changed dramatically with an emphasis on well made and distinctly presented cocktails (rather than the old mixed drinks from pre-made blends) and a focus on presenting every drink distinctively.  We sourced a unique carbonation system which delivered a own recipe alcoholic soda range.

The food range was focused on using some key fresh ingredients (chilled burgers, fresh chicken) and presenting distinctively.  More customer customisation elements were added with a large sauce range as a key focal point.


We worked closely with the designers, having briefed them in detail and visited reference sites.  We remained as a focal point during the on-site development to ensure all details were correctly delivered including all on site / digital communication elements.


Finally, we pulled together a detailed and comprehensive retail summary which was used to brief and roll out subsequent developments.

The Outcome

Following the first two sites development, the main aims of the original briefs have been met with a flatter sales profile across the week, a greatly increased sales mix for food, significant margin improvements through less discounting / promotions and fantastic feedback from customer surveys.

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